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Vehicle fleet

The company’s vehicle fleet includes freight vehicles of all ton ratings. Vehicles above 3,500 kg used by our company are made exclusively by MAN. Swap bodies of our vehicles are designed for high volumes with regard to the capability of transporting as much cargo as possible while keeping the lowest possible transportation price. All our canvas vehicles are equipped with a three-sided folding swap bodies allowing to load not only from the back, but from the side or from the upper side by a crane. Trucks with the LOWDECK MEGAliner high-volume semitrailer are certified by the “Cargo Securing Certificate in Compliance with EN12642XL” (Certifikát zajištění nákladu dle EN12642XL, so called “Code XL”). In order to ensure security of your cargo and a complete awareness about its location in real-time, our vehicles are equipped with modern telematics systems, including GPS tracking devices utilizing the Google Maps map platform.

Transport vans


Space Capacity up to 11 EUR-Pallets / 27 cbm
Weight Capacity up to 1500 kg
Dimensions (L/D/H) 4,7 / 2,4 / 2,4 m
Vehicle Body three-sided folding tilt body


Freight vehicles

Nákladní automobily

Space Capacity up to 19 EUR-Pallets / 59 cbm
Weight Capacity up to 6000 kg
Dimensions (L/D/H) 7,7 / 2,48 / 3,0 m
Vehicle Body three-sided folding tilt body


Trucks with the LOWDECK MEGAliner high-volume semitrailer 

Kamion s velkoobjemovým návěsem LOWDECK

Space Capacity up to 33 EUR-Pallets / 100 cbm
Weight Capacity up to 25 000 kg
Dimensions (L/D/H) 13,6 / 2,48 / 3,0 m
Vehicle Body three-sided folding tilt body


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