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International transportation

More than 85% of our yearly transportation services by our company are international. Our long-term specialization is import and export transportation between Germany and the Czech Republic. We also transport cargo from 100 to 25.000 kg across all Europe. All transportation is serviced by our own modern vehicle fleet or our proven long-term partners. As well as with the domestic transportation, we offer express delivery even with the international transportation.

The cargo transported by our company within the borders of the Czech Republic and Europe is insured by up until 5.000.000 CZK and is further limited in compliance with the CMR Convention. All our vehicles with your shipment are monitored by GPS tracking devices reporting the location real-time anywhere in Europe. Therefore, you do not have to be worried about your shipment. On the top of that, we are even able to arrange an individual additional insurance of exceptionally valuable cargo.

Thanks to our vehicles equipped with toll units to use expressway and freeways, your shipment will always be delivered to the destination in the shortest possible time. Drives of our company possess many years of experience in the field of international road transportation, and they are regularly trained how to communicate with customers in foreign countries. Our office is staffed even by personnel speaking German and English.

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